Bonafide content + branding services
don't have to break the bank.

Frustrated by content + branding services that don't fit the bill?


Too salesy? Too expensive? Wish someone just understood you?

Finding content and branding help that's legitimate and authentic can feel like a losing battle. 

You deserve to have someone who can help you communicate more clearly, promote more efficiently and help you grow as a working creative.


Content Coffee Dates are 1-on-1 storytelling and branding intensives that give creatives the tools they need to get moving on their marketing/branding goals.


Solo creatives and small creative teams are
the most industrious, inspiring businesses I know.

So, I created a way to work with people just like you.


So what's a Content Coffee Date?

You know when you get coffee with someone who totally understands you and you leave more confident, excited and energized to get shit done? And you know it wasn’t just the espresso? 

Yeah, those are my favorite kind of coffee dates.

When someone’s totally stoked about whatever it is that you’re working on and you end up talking 100 hundred miles per hour. And they follow up, support you and cheer you on however they can?

Um, sign me the up for more of those.



Content Coffee Dates include:

Goal setting and branding workbook

Storytelling intensive session (1 hour)

Custom brand summary, content prompts

“What now?” Action Plan

Investment: $197


Hey y'all, I'm Stephanie.

If we haven't been introduced yet, I'm a writer and content strategist. I help my clients tell their stories with resonance and purpose.

I’m bringing my seven years of experience in writing, strategy, planning and branding together in a new, budget-friendly offering for creatives.

Nice to meet ya. 


Content Coffee Dates are perfect for:

  • Solo working creatives getting started with content strategy

  • Business owners on a budget who love collaboration

You might need some more help if:

  • You’re so busy that you need to team up with a partner to churn out awesome content on a regular basis

  • There’s a big business milestone in your future and you need a plan to keep your eye--and the eyes of your audience--on the prize

No worries, I've got you covered too.


Let's do this.




At the end of a Content Coffee Date, you’ll have:

  • Notes + recording of our storytelling intensive session

  • Actionable goals and next steps so you can stop wondering and start doing

  • Swipeable language and content ideas that you can use as a jumping off point for marketing/networking efforts

  • A discount for future coffee date sessions or a la carte services